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All Dreams Are Possible

Fabian Lijtmaer, 2016 Acrylic & mixed media on canvas

36 x 48 in (3ft x 4 ft)


How can we fulfill our dreams? Take a deep breath and exhale as you gently dive into the center of the painting... breathe deeply and allow the fiery circles of energy to give you power.

Breath & exhale as all the narratives in your life fade away. The stories, the doubt... all of it disintegrates in the fiery & calm anchor of your breath. Let go of everything that doesn’t serve you. Become an empty vessel.

Now alight the spark of your dream. The Master of Legions, the Creator of Time & Space, listens to every word you utter and every thought. Take the spark of your intention, the dream you wish to manifest, and give it all to Hashem. Envision G-d building systems upon systems, both revealed and concealed, to manifest your dream. You are an amplifier of Hashem’s light so connect your dream to the source! Hashem will make your dreams real. Take steps forward and offer your dream to Hashem.

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