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Dream Diver

Excerpt From Journal 4.27.15 (Iyar 8 5775)

Epic Monday

Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!!

The Artic Wolf

sleeps a room away in my humble yet epic sanctuary

of creativity & healing

We had one of the best Mondays on record

investigating systems

& crafting new ones

communing with trees

& unveiling the lost tales of

unseen flowers

burnishing with vibrancy

before us

heralding a higher consciousness

one beyond

the petiness of this world

one where all of

hashem's creations

are singing

their own song


to the soul's integrity

pathways to

dark pools of demons

awaing transformation


at the

gateway of redemption

I lift my stringed lyre

How many more ways

can I beg mesiach to come now?

and how many ways are there

to celebrate

thas she has already come?!?

That his presence already

permeates this very reality?!? Baruch hashem!!!

Saturates our beings

like an Elven bow drinking moonlight

Our movements

the frequencies of our speech

like silver dolphins of fire

moving through a sapphire sea

Chariot of Mesiach Fire

our journey

has only begun, selah!


one & only

Master of Legions

Give us all the power of

friendship & mirth

and the fortitude

to build sustainable systems

to achieve our dreams

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