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  Artist Bio:

 “G-d creates shapes, color and movement and I merely channel them onto the canvas.  In a sense it is letting go.  Releasing the shackles which bind me to the physical world and allowing me to walk upon a different plane, the realm of the spirit” 


Ariel Fabian Lijtmaer was born in 1974 in New York City to Jewish parents from Argentina. Fabian started painting at the ripe age of eight. His first loves were drawing and eating chocolate.  Fabian attended Vassar College where he where he unearthed a love for spirituality, which subsequently became the wellspring for his art.  


After graduation, Fabian began a quest to discover his own spirit. He backpacked through the Andes Mountains and voyaged to the high grasslands of Tibet, exploring underwater kingdoms in Indonesia and living in Japan for two years while producing a feature documentary.   


In 2010 Fabian earned a Masters Degree in Leadership & Change and he has made Los Angeles his home.  He is galvanized by the Jewish spiritual renaissance occurring in LA and he longs to nurture this movement. For Fabian, painting is a form of meditation; a means to transform darkness into light, and ultimately, a way to facilitate a personal dialogue with g-d.  In the process, he hopes that his art becomes a gateway that the viewer can use as a source of inspiration, strength and unbound blessings.



(Recommended with libations like beer, whisky or wine)


May all beings to the North, to the South, to the East and to the West, above and below, without and within find peace and be free of stress & suffering  


May we think, speak & act in ways that cultivate harmony 


May we be Ambassadors for the Imagination, Architects of Perceptual Realms and use our brains to inspire and create new worlds  


May we treat everyone, including ourselves, with kindness, compassion, patience and great respect 


May we shift our perception towards gratitude & unity


May we celebrate our connection with friends & family 


May we actualize our highest potential and keep evolving upwards


May we experience the newness of each moment 


May we laugh, meditate and frolick via the sanctity of music


May we focus on giving rather than taking


May we use the breath to unify our consciousness and transform pain


May we protect all the critters upon the Earth 


May our bodies become vehicles for our souls


May we embody divine flow


May we tap into the highest gates and unlock unlimited blessings


May we generate peace & light ש



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