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                                                       About UP


What is Unbound Pictures?  The mission of Unbound Pictures, or UP, is to create visual art & stories which serve as gateways to higher consciousness.  The goal is for my art to serve as a spark of imagination and inspiration to help people wake up to the song of their own soul.


I believe that art, and actually all the colors, shapes, smells, and movement around us can provide a framework for us to shift our perception and see beyond the limitations of this realm.  Art & stories are portals into other worlds, that simultaneously exist within this one.  Yet we are not normally aware of the other worlds.


In Jewish understanding, there are 4 worlds and 5 levels of the soul.  These worlds and soul levels are in existence right now.  Yet we are often “stuck” in the consciousness of the lowest world and the lowest level of the soul so we cannot perceive the vastness of existence.  Part of our work in this world is to shatter the shells which block light, which constrict our consciousness, so we can see & embody higher realms.  When we are in a space of higher consciousness, we also think, speak and act in ways that create more light and more connections between people.  The goal is to build inner strength, friendships and community through this light.  The goal is to do tikkun (mending) of all the brokenness around and within us and forge new pathways of living and being.  


My paintings are soul gateways.  They are tools to achieve these higher states.  Over the years, I have melded my spiritual practice with my artistic development.  My style is what I like to call “Spiritual Abstract Expressionism”;  the fusion of a spiritual and creative practice in a style that appears spontaneous but is in fact governed by a higher source.  I am particularly inspired by Pollock and Kandinsky.  I draw upon their fluid use of color and movement and combine this with an authentic dialogue with hashem (g-d) to create art that reflects the language of my soul. Each piece of art has its own frequency, a different channel or vibration, an access-point to a higher realm.  Each frequency corresponds to a particular kind of healing energy and draws specific blessings into the physical world.  A few examples of energy my art activates fall within the categories of:  love, soul mates, liberation, internal peace, emunah (faith) and simcha (happiness) to name a few.  Another important theme is the idea of exodus: moving from a place of constriction to place of expansion. 


I invite you to enter these “gateways” to shatter the limitations of your conscious mind and reach higher levels of awareness.  I encourage you to find the piece of art that resonates with you. Meditate with it, gaze into it and see what opens up within you.  Investigate the colors and textures which reflect the subtle movement of your soul.  Rewire your brain and create neural platforms of light and inspiration.  I invite you to draw this energy into your life so you are enlivened with curiosity and creativity.  May you unveil the beauty of your own song. 


-Fabian Lijtmaer

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